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Vorbeam acum doua zile cu Cosmin Mihailov (care ar fi meritat un articol in care sa il felicit(am) pentru calificarea la cea de-a doua editie a Coffee Masters din New York) despre faptul ca doreste sa scrie un articol cu titlul “The fourth coffee wave”. Apoi, pe facebook, a postat urmatorul status in care dadea mai multe detalii:

It all started when Răzvan Abuzoianu asked me to define what I do. I think the term barista is outdated, and being a researcher, developer and roaster, I find that being called a barista is undermining the knowledge some of us have worked hard to acquire. There is nothing wrong with being just a barista, but a lot of are working hard to innovate the industry on a global scale, and it only creates further confusion, when I have to explain that I am a barista but also the above.

Pana cand o sa fie acel articol gata, avem unul deja publicat care are acelasi subiect: What’s the fourth wave? Apasa aici pentru a citi articolul

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