12/04/2018 – 15/04/2018 all-day

2 thoughts on “London Coffee Festival 2018”

  1. Can you offer more details? I’ll be in London on 12th April, so I might come alone, if I’m allowed, and know where it is, how to find it, how much it costs, blah blah….

    And do you actually have a cafe in Bucharest? Your site doesn’t help me much!

    1. Hi!
      All the details about venue, tickets and what is going on there, you can find in their oficial page: https://www.londoncoffeefestival.com. I don’t think that I will attend, but if you’ll go and want to write an ‘review’ and to be published here, we can do that.
      Regarding “the cafe”, no, I don’t have a cafe in Bucharest, this site is more focused in promoting all the coffee shops an specialty coffee from Romania.

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